3Age aims to be the definitive portal which delivers contemporary information on senior living lifestyle and education. It seeks to inform retirees and senior citizens, their family members as well as people in the community and industry that life in the golden years can be vibrant, fun and meaningful.

3Age refers to the three generations involved in the life of an elderly – their peers, their children who are involved in their care and family life, and their grandchildren who enrich their life with a new level of enthusiasm.

As such, the portal contains information that is relevant and inspirational to all three generations, geared towards helping the elderly live happy, healthy and uplifting lives, so that ageing becomes just a number, and no longer about growing old.

The 3Age portal will feature articles on health, tips, career, money, activities, events, news – everything needed to empower the elderly and give them a voice as well as a new lease of life.

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