Finding the right tour package


IT’S always hard picking a holiday destination. You’re never short on choices and you’ll always wish you could go everywhere. What’s equally tough is picking the right tour package for yourself or even your family.

With so many travel packages on offer from various travel agencies, how do you know which one would suit you best? Most importantly, which of them would cater to your wants and needs pre-departure and, most importantly, for the duration of your tour?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tour package.


It’s important that you go with a travel agency that is reputable. Call the agencies or head over to their office to talk to them. It’s important to feel comfortable and safe with them.

It also helps to ask family and friends if they’ve dealt with any of the agencies before and get their opinions on them. If anyone had a bad experience, find out when and why.

The last thing you need is a shoddy tour and a miserable time.


Do keep in mind how much you’re willing to spend on your tour package. There are those that may cost more than others, but they probably cover all the bases and ensure you are properly taken care of during your tour.

Skimping on cost could mean a horrid itinerary or, worse, a terribly managed tour altogether.

Take note that you can get great tour package deals during the annual Matta Fair and save loads on destinations that were previously over-priced.

Available options

Let’s say you’ve decided to go to Europe. Check with the travel agent you’re dealing with on the available package options. Some may last a month, while some are for two weeks. Ask them the places they are covering, the itineraries and the cost of each package.

Think about which suits you best and what you’re willing to compromise on – you can’t see everything in Europe in a month, so what do you want to see most?

Be mindful of the itinerary – some packages give you more time and others try to pack everything in within a few hours.

Visa runs

Ensure the travel agencies sort out the necessary visa paperwork for you and divulge the costs involved. You wouldn’t want an additional cost popping up or, worse still, you having to fork out more money on an unexpected VOA (Visa On Arrival).

Medical assistance

It’s vital to find out what medical assistance is provided on tour if something happens to you during your trip. A bad fall, food poisoning, a small accident, a visit to a pharmacy for medication – all these things can disrupt your plans.

So, do ensure that the tour guides provided on your tour are well-equipped to deal with potential medical emergencies.

Travel insurance

Lots of travellers tend to ignore the need for travel insurance. However, it’s good to have one for those just-in-case moments. It’s best to check with the travel agency to see if the cost of the tour package includes insurance.

If it doesn’t, you could always purchase one separately on your own. Check with your local banks or insurance agents for single-trip insurance options.

Size of group

Depending on your level of sociability, the size of the group is key to how much you’ll enjoy your tour. Some may prefer a smaller group, while others couldn’t care less (as long as you can see the Duomo in Florence, nothing else matters, right?).

Be sure to check with the travel agencies on the tour group sizes and also accommodation details. This way, you can avoid getting a surprise when you see the 79 other people on your tour and discover you have to share a room with five other people.


Picking a tour package that’s right for you should never be taken lightly. After all, you are spending your valuable money and time on this venture. Pay attention to the details and you’ll have a more enjoyable and safer holiday.

Now that you’ve got all the nitty-gritty out of the way and picked the tour that’s right for you, inform your loved ones, pack your bags, get your camera ready and have an amazing time.


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