Gift ideas for Father’s Day

IT seems easier to shop for mothers. Spa treatment, jewellery, shoes, recipe books and chocolates are the typical options.

But what do you buy your dad for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day just a few days away, 3Age has some ideas on what to get that special man in your life:


This is an easy buy as long as you are familiar with your father or grandfather’s style and preference. Watches are a no-brainer and will be a hit with the man who likes to dress up or one who likes sports. For an elderly gentleman, do consider getting a watch with a clean face and easy to read numbers. The fewer functions and buttons, the better it will be.


Everybody loves a holiday. The catch is you can’t send your dad or granddad alone, so you’ll have to also pay for your mum’s or grandmum’s holiday. Make it an open ticket so that they can decide on the dates themselves. Alternatively, just get brochures of the destination and put them in a nice envelope or box. You can do the bookings after they confirm the dates.


This is also easy to plan and seems to be the option for Malaysian families these days. Most families who celebrate Father’s Day will take their dad out for dinner to a restaurant of his choice. Remember not to fuss and let dad eat what he wants, just for that day.


If your dad loves gadgets and technology, then why not get him the latest tablet PC or phone. Or if he loves music, then perhaps a new speaker system or a media system to store all his music.

Sports stuff

For the sporty father and grandfather, you can always get him a gym membership or club membership. Then there’s sports equipment – golf clubs, tennis racquet, or even a new wetsuit. If your dad or granddad is a diver, how about some diving equipment? If he’s not a diver but loves sea life, then how about learning to dive together?


This is also quite easy to shop for. Just go to any of your dad’s or granddad’s favourite shops and get some vouchers. This way, when he wants to, he can buy whatever he wants. It’s very impersonable though and chances are you’re not going to get an overwhelmed reaction to your gift. Some dads may not like receiving vouchers as not much effort goes into a present like this.

Free health check

In this day and age, with the rising cost of healthcare, this would be quite welcome. While it can be impersonable too, depending on how your father feels about it, you can make it special by taking your dad there and sitting with him while he gets the tests done. Perhaps have lunch together after that and go with him to get the results another day.


You need to know your dad’s shoe size and the cutting of the shoe – does he have wide or narrow feet? If you’re fairly confident you know the type of shoes that suit him, go ahead. If not, just take along a pair or two of his shoes to the store and ask the sales person for some help. Keep in mind the style and colours that your dad likes, and how he feels about having heels on his shoes.

Photo frame

You can make this very personal by getting a photo of both of you, or your dad with your family, or even your dad with the grandkids, and frame it up. It’ll be something he’ll love to put by his bedside and look at when he wakes up and goes to bed. If you want to make it more special, and you have small children, then why not get their help to design and decorate the photo frame. It can be a small family project.


Most dads and granddads will like anything that you give them. Keep in mind that the best gift you can give them is your time. Spend the day with him, doing what he wants to do. Remember to put your phone away and just spend time being with him.

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