How To Cope With Caregiving For A Loved One

How To Cope With Caregiving

Caring for a loved one is a serious commitment. Anyone who chooses to become a caregiver should be given support they need to prepare for their role and avoid poor health themselves. In a short interview with a registered nurse, Ho Man Eng shares her experience on the challenges with caregiving and some useful tips on how to cope with them.

From your experience, could you tell us what are the common challenges of a caregiver?

“First of all, the typical challenges of caregiving can be broken into three areas; deficient knowledge, lack of communication, and finance.”

1. Deficient Knowledge
“For knowledge deficit, specific skills and information in caregiving is required for the care recipient’s health restoration, preservation, or health promotion. If there is an absence of information related to caregiving, the results of handling a person’s care could be significantly poor.”

For example; it is common for family members to hire domestic workers to care for the elderly at home. While some domestic workers have caregiving experience, it isn’t always the case. In the latter’s case, an inexperienced caregiver would not recognise abnormalities that appear and subsequently provide improper care. This may cause the care recipient’s condition to deteriorate and possible hospitalisation.

2. Lack of Communication
“The second challenge is the lack of communication between the family members, caregiver and care recipient. Minimal or no communication with the care recipient will cause them to feel depressed and isolated, as well as confuse the decision-making process. In order to contribute meaningfully to the care recipient’s general health, communicating with them is crucial as can affect their overall health.”

3. Finance
“Last but not least, is the family and care recipient’s financial readiness to face any sudden changes in one’s health status, which typically involves high expenses for medical and nursing care. If no actions are taken to prepare themselves prior to the health crisis, access to suitable care options will be severely limited.”

Do you have any caregiving tips or suggestions on how to handle these challenges?

“Having the right information and skills is essential for restoring or preserving a person’s health, as it will help to understand the care recipient’s condition. So it is crucial for any would-be caregiver to seek training before taking care of a person in need.

Also, it should be noted that it isn’t wrong to get professional help if the situation becomes more than any one person can handle. If or when it is time to consider moving a loved one into a licensed nursing home for better access to trained caregivers, family members need to have an open discussion amongst themselves and the care recipient to manage expectations and desires – especially when it comes to financing a loved one’s care. This will mitigate any hiccups or feelings of guilt that may arise during the caregiving process and make contributions to restoring a loved one’s health more effective.”

Workshops For Caregivers
For those looking after their loved ones, ACG Concept will be hosting The Savvy Caregiver Workshop to provide family caregivers with essential skills and knowledge in caregiving. Ms Ho Man Eng will be conducting the workshop. Details of The Savvy Caregiver Workshop are below and will emphasise the following topics:

• Personal hygiene
• Feeding
• Signs to monitor for swallowing difficulties
• Pressure sore
• Fall prevention
• Self-care tips for caregivers

Practical skills
• Positioning
• Simple exercises on the bed
• Putting on and removing clothes / diapers

Date: 4 August 2018, Saturday
Time: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
Venue: Aged Care Group, 10th Floor, Wisma Mirama, Jalan Wisma Putra, 50460 Kuala Lumpur. (Opposite Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka)

Fee: RM220
Registration Link:

For enquiry: +603-2142 1666


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Organiser of The Savvy Workshop

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