Managedcare and MyDoc Asia to Create Awareness on Health and Aged Care

Managedcare and MyDoc Asia have come together to create greater awareness among Malaysians on access to information for health and aged care.

The collaboration will feature credible healthcare and aged care articles to inform and educate the public.

According to Managedcare CEO Carol Yip, Managedcare and MyDoc Asia share the same vision, which is to provide accessibility, convenience and quality care to Malaysians.

“Managedcare is a platform that co-ordinates a variety of health and long-term care services as well as the administration of these services to achieve optimum value in terms of quality and affordability.

“Managedcare has two core offerings, CareTRUST™ and Care Administrator. While CareTRUST™ provides financing options to ensure individuals have sufficient funding for their care needs, the Care Administrator co-ordinates with identified care providers to ensure the quality of care given is in sync with the client’s needs.”

According to MyDoc Asia CEO Jarod Law Ding Yong, this collaboration is the result of both companies having a shared value, which is to improve the overall quality and accessibility of care services in Malaysia, especially for the aged.

“Being Malaysia’s first multilingual private healthcare one-stop website with a dedicated care team, we are committed to improving healthcare transparency and accessibility to deliver a better healthcare experience to the people,” he said.

This collaboration will definitely give the public a platform for information on health and aged care related services and products, and transparency, in the provision of care in terms of cost efficacy, volume, delivery, and intensity of services provided.


What is CareTRUST™?

CareTRUST™ is a living trust. An individual can set money aside to ensure the provision of continuum care that is financially sustainable in the event of failing health and for long term retirement care.

The aim of CareTRUST™ is to address the nation’s ageing demographics and to provide the public with an effective solution for the administration of care.

What is Care Administrator?

The Care Administrator is responsible for ensuring the quality of care given to clients is in sync with the client’s health needs and long-term care plan.

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